Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Board Connector?

Board Connector is a platform that helps connect intentionally inclusive nonprofits to persons of color and women wanting to serve on the board of directors for those nonprofits.   We make it easy for nonprofits to register on the platform, post board vacancies, and express what the nonprofit is looking for in a board member.



+ By signing up as an individual does that mean I will be appointed to a board of directors?

When individuals register, they will access to board opportunities in their community. On the Board Connector platform, they are given an opportunity to respond to a board vacancy. Based on an indiviudals background and interest, the nonprofit is able to determine if the individual is a good fit for the nonprofit.

+ If I’m a nonprofit, how do I find potential board members on Board Connector?

Nonprofits are able to post board vacancies on the Board Connector platform. Individual members are able to express its interest in the vacancy. The nonprofit is able to see who is interested and make contact with the potential board member.

+ How do I learn about possible board membership openings?

Board Connector is a great way for you to find out about nonprofits that are looking for new board members. We will connect you with relevant board opportunities when you sign up, here.

+ Is there a fee to use Board Connector?

There is no cost to nonprofits and individuals. If an organization would like for Board Connector to make candidate recommendations, there is a small fee depending on the size of the organization.

+ Once I register with Board Connector, what are the next steps?

You will receive instructions about how to look for vacancies on boards as well as leadership development and training opportunities.

+ Does Board Connector offer any training?

Most communities have existing board training programs in their community and we try to ensure we partner with those entities providing that training. If you need additional information regarding training, please contact us at